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Watertight Hatch | Quick Acting | Oval 15″ X 24″ | Aluminum

Watertight Hatch | Quick Acting | Oval 15″ X 24″ | Aluminum

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    • Adjustable Dog Tensioners that provide equal tension on all points ensure a water-tight seal
    • Built-in “Never Lose” handle
    • A simple 1/8th-turn of the handle provides smooth, easy and secure engagement
    • Thicker Dog Arms for superior strength
    • Positive visual verification: When the handle is down, the hatch is secured
    • Inside escape bar on all units (optional inside turning wheel available)
    • Subtle design improvements make the BFHQ stronger, more watertight than our competitors’ similar units
    • Cast from high-grade corrosion-resistant 356 aluminum alloy (ASTM B26)
    • Maximum durability, stronger deck strength and impact resistance
    • Stainless steel T-handle and operating hardware
    • Dissimilar metals isolated by neoprene and nylon
    • Machined surfaces and superior casting processes control tolerances
    • Neoprene cover gasket and sealing ring ensure tight seal


This hatch is ABS Certified for use on ABS classed vessels or facilities by the American Bureau of shipping on ABS Certificate Number: 21-2112059-PDA.
NEED Description
Key Features
Currently, the 4-dog BFHQ series hatch cover assemblies are available only in cast aluminum. However, the deck rings for the BFHQ are the same size as the Strongback models, and are available in galvanized mild steel or cast aluminum. Stainless Steel deck rings are available by special order.
The design is especially popular on aluminum boats, fishing and other workboats, as well as many U.S. Navy and U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard vessels.

Optional spoked or un-spoked handwheels are available. Request the handwheel option from a Baier™ sales representative or Baier™ distributor at the time of purchase.

Are you Looking for a coaming to go with this hatch? Please visit our Coamings Section for more information.

Cover Material: cast aluminum only
Ring Material: cast aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

BFHQTH15X24A/A with Cast Aluminum Deck Ring

BFHQTH15X24A/A with Optional Handwheel
Model Number Material – Hatch / Deck Ring Downloads Clear Opening In. (mm) Cover Size Cutout Dimension in. (mm) Weight (Cover) Weight (Deck Ring)
BFHQTH15X24A Aluminum Cover Only Spare Parts Files:
NA 17 x 26
BFHQTH15X24A/A Aluminum / Aluminum Cutout & CAD Files:
15 x 24 17 x 26
BFHQTH15X24A/S Aluminum / Steel Cutout & CAD Files:
15 x 24 17 x 26
BFHQTH15X24A/SS Aluminum / Stainless Steel Cutout & CAD Files:
15 x 24 17 x 26

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