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Baier® Hatch Company, Inc. was established in 1947 when Ludwig S. Baier was designing and building boats for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Ludwig Baier described his rich history within the marine industry in ‘Memoirs of a Shipbuilder’ and the following excerpt tells how Baier® Hatch Company began:

‘When I designed an 80’ dragger built during WWII, I wanted to be able to load the catch after it had been stored on deck, directly into a compartment in the refrigerated hold. Nowhere could I find a suitable scuttle that could be relied upon to be watertight, quick to open and close, so I devised one. They worked so satisfactorily that I then had patterns made so castings could be produced. This led to improvements in design, oval and hinged in various sizes and materials … ‘

Thus, the company was born. In April of 1995, Baier® Hatch Co., Inc. was purchased by Dennis Kerber and Greg Armfield,. As a result, a manufacturing warehouse was built in Woodinville, Washington.

Baier® Hatch Co., Inc. prospered and grew over the years and, after changing ownership in 2007, the name was changed to Baier® Marine Company.   Baier® offices were relocated from Woodinville to Costa Mesa, California.

Today, just as in 1947, Baier® Marine continues to manufacture high quality watertight steel, aluminum and stainless steel hatches. Baier® remain committed to product excellence and first-rate customer service.