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Baier® makes the following documents available for download to assist you with your selection and installation.

2 page summary of the complete line of Baier® products.

Baier Marine Product Catalog

Baier® Marine Product Catalog

Featuring Baier’s Complete line of Flush Deck Hatches and Marine hardware.

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Manhole Product Matrix

Outlines all of the different types and options available on Baier® manholes.

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Baier Flush Hatch Product Matrix

Flush Hatch Product Matrix

Outlines the various different types of Baier® Flush hatches.

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Baier Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Comparison of the structural strength of the Baier® oval hatch.

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Baier Finite Element Analysis

Steel Hatch Summary

Sales summary of the advantages of Baier’s line of high strength steel hatches.

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Baier Welding Installation Instructions

Welding Installation Instructions

Detailed procedures for typical installation of the Baier® Flush hatch.

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