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Baier® Marine:

2920 Airway Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Contact Info:

Toll Free (800) 455-3917
Direct (714) -918-3780

FAX: (206) 632-2441

For a specific Individual:
Follow phone tree prompts or call Receptionist, ext 205

General Sales Inquiries
[email protected]

Sales Agents:

Danielle Rockmaker – Sales Operations Manager
[email protected]
714-918-3780 Ext 208

Alex (Sandy) Smith – Business Development
[email protected]
714-918-3780 Ext 223

Katie Piz – Sales Assoicate
[email protected]
714-918-3780 Ext 209

The Baier® Marine Team:
Mark Smith (President)
Danielle Rockmaker (Sales Operations Manager)
Alex (Sandy) Smith (Business Development)
Katie Piz (Sales Associate)