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Multi-Bolt Manholes

Baier’s™ complete line of multi-bolt manhole covers serves as a great inexpensive option for applications where frequent access is not required. Ideal for tank top covers, fuel and water tank access, inspection access to ship voids, barges, sanitary and digester tanks, clean-outs and more. These water-tight manholes feature simple designs and utilize high strength steel.
  • High strength carbon steel construction
  • Hardware combinations of compatible metal alloys prevent galling and corrosion (Available on select models – see Manhole Matrix for details)
  • High-quality neoprene rubber gaskets ensure water tight seal (oil resistant Buna-N Optional)
  • Neoprene Gasket material is UV resistant to prevent cracking and memory fatigue
  • Flush screw-down models offer a smooth-surfaced manhole that prevents catching and snagging
  • Specialty features such as 3” NPT fill points and handles available on some models
  • Raised coamings available on many models
Baier™ offers a complete line of manholes with configurations and hardware combinations to meet your requirements. These industry-standard manholes are used on work boats and equipment worldwide. Baier’s simply-designed manholes have served the industrial marine industries for the past 60 years.

For more details about all of the manholes available please see the complete feature set matrix available on the technical drawing.

Baier™ Offers more many more styles of marine deck closures and scuttles in various materials and styles.

Baier™ Manhole Product Matrix