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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance and Support

What size hatch should I order?

“I have a round hatch to replace, and the hatch cover when you measure it from the top or deck measures 22 inches across, but when you pull it out, the actual opening through the deck ring is 20 inches. So what hatch size should I order – 22 inch or 20 inch?”

  1. First of all this is the number one mistake people make when ordering a hatch. It seems so natural to measure the dimension of the hatch cover. However, the correct answer is to order the CLEAR OPENING size, which in this example would be the 20 inch.
  2. All Baier® hatches have a Model Number which reflects this clear opening dimension, and this Model Number is cast into the underside of the cover. So the example might be a BFHR20 or a BFHQ20 etc. If you use this Model Number to order a replacement, you will not go wrong. A Baier® Salesperson or knowledgeable Baier® Dealer can help you make the correct choice.

My hatch has seized up – What should I do?

“I have one of the hatches with a centerbolt and strongback and the built-in pull up T-Handle which won’t turn and I can’t get underneath to check it or free it up. Should I get out the cutting torch and cut out the center ‘works’ from the hatch to get it out?”

  1. Hold up on the torch! That’s the last resort. First, use a good penetrating oil and see if that frees up the centerbolt. Don’t force the T-Handle too much and DO NOT USE A CHEATER BAR on the pull up T-Handle. If it still doesn’t budge, unscrew the four screws in the top of the centerbolt and remove the sliding T-handle. then get a large-enough EasyOut bit to fit into the hole in the center of the bolt and see if that works. Often that is enough to do the trick.
  2. Give Baie® a call – our guys have some other tricks and they are pretty good at coming up with unique fixes. We hate to see you destroy your hatch if you don’t have to.
  3. Remember to maintain your hatch properly – including lubrication where indicated.

Should I put grease on the hatch cover gasket to make it seal better against the deck ring?

Absolutely not! A petroleum-based grease will eat away at the neoprene material in the cover gasket and it will ultimately fail altogether. We do offer a BUNA-N cover gasket for environments that include petroleum products, but this is not the solution for sealing your hatch in a non-petroleum environment. Here are some ideas:

  1. If your cover gasket is old, replace it with a new one.
  2. Clean and smooth your deck ring surfaces.
  3. Check your deck ring to see if it is true – If it is warped, no amount of goop will make it seal properly. True it up or replace it.
  4. Contact Baier® for additional discussion and trouble-shooting.

My aluminum hatch is corroded on the underside. What can I do to fix this now and prevent it in the future?

  1. Usually, such corroding happens in a warm moist environment and involves aluminum and stainless interacting with each other. An anti-corrosive spray-on like CorrosionX (or better CorrosionX HD) can be used to remove the aluminum corrosion and prevent further corrosion.
  2. Contact Baier® for further discussion and troubleshooting.

What type of grease should I use on my centerbolts?

A lithium-based or other high-quality Marine grease. Be sure to do this annually.

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