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Weathertight Door – Lever Arm Style

Weathertight Door – Lever Arm Style

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Lever Arm Weathertight doors are perfect for quick and easy access to any compartment on your vessel above the waterline. Our doors are fabricated from high quality ¼” steel plate and built to ABS and Lloyd’s Specifications. These doors feature 6 dogs and are built to provide continuous trouble-free use. Various standard sizes are available in both right and left hand orientation.
Feature Description
Opening orientation can be determined by standing on the outside of the compartment with the door swinging toward you. Right-hand doors will have the hinges on the right from this perspective. Conversely, a left-hand door will have the hinges on the left.

When Ordering Please Specify:
Clear Opening – 28″ x 72″ / 30″ x 72″
Opening Orientation – Left Hand Door / Right Hand Door

Weathertight Doors are commonly found on exterior and interior bulkheads of any vessel.
Steel (ASTM A36)
Painted Primer Grey
Model Number Part Number Description Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.) Handeling Clear Opening In. (mm) Downloads
UMC-WTD-LA-28X72-R 06121-103A Lever Acting – 28″ x 72″ Opening / Right Handed 500 (227) RH 28″ X 72″ (711 x 1829)
UMC-WTD-LA-28×72-L 06121-103B Lever Acting – 28″ x 72″ Opening / Left Handed 500 (227) LH 28″ X 72″ (711 x 1829)
UMC-WTD-LA-30×72-R 06121-103C Lever Acting – 30″ x 72″ Opening / Right Handed 526 (239) RH 30″ X 72″ (762 x 1829)
UMC-WTD-LA-30×72-L 06121-103D Lever Acting – 30″ x 72″ Opening / Left Handed 526 (239) LH 30″ X 72″ (762 x 1829)

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