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Safety Update for Low Profile Model Hatches

Attention to all Baier Low Profile hatch owners.

Models BFHLP15x24A – BFHLP20A – BFHLP24X24A – BFHHLP24X24A

It has come to our attention that a few Low Profile model hatches (model numbers listed above) may become difficult to open from the bottom/egress side under certain conditions, such as after periods of neglected maintenance or in corrosive area applications. This could lead to a situation where the hatch may not open from the bottom/egress side.

To address this, we have created a solution which entails replacing hub assembly parts with new, redesigned parts. The replacement parts include a redesigned centerbolt cap with new dimensions, as well as a new/different spring and gasket to accommodate the new cap dimensions.

Baier Marine is in the process of identifying customers which have purchased these Low Profile hatches to provide,  at no charge, retrofit kits which will rectify the potential problem. The retrofit kits will contain the new parts as well as the tool and instructions needed for you to install the necessary parts included in the retrofit kit.

It is strongly advised that you obtain a retrofit kit from Baier and install the new parts to avoid the potential for your hatch becoming inoperable from the bottom/egress side.
If you have a Low Profile hatch and have not been contacted or have installation questions, call us toll free at (800) 455-3917 so we can provide you with a retrofit kit.

Baier Marine recommends that all hatch owners cycle their hatches on a bi-weekly basis to ensure proper continued operation. In addition to cycling, the use of a marine-grade lithium grease for lubrication of moving parts is recommended on an as-needed basis. Steps for replacement kit installation are illustrated below.

Download the Safety Update PDF – Contains steps and illustrations for replacement kit installation

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