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Steel Flush Type

Baier™ is the only manufacturer of quality cast steel flush hatches (versus iron hatches). Many of the Baier’s complete line of round and oval lift-out and hinged flush hatches are available in Grade 7036 ASTM A27 cast steel alloy and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance. Cast stainless steel hatches are available on a special order basis. Coamings are available in a wide array of heights.
Steel watertight hatches have up to 300% greater impact resistance, energy absorption, and ductility versus iron (especially at low temperatures). Simply stated, a steel hatch can take considerably more.

The Baier™ Steel Hatch was originally designed for King Crab fishing vessels operating in the cold climes of Alaska. Because of its superior strength in frozen operating conditions, no other hatch is better suited than the Baier™ Steel Hatch for this purpose.

In addition, the steel hatch is used on vehicle traffic areas of ferries (see Strength Test Results of the 15” x 24” (381mm x 610mm) steel hatch, and any other applications requiring unparallel strength, deflection, and load requirements.

Aluminum hatches can be replaced with Baier™ Steel Hatches for those applications where greater strength is required for any reason. The benefit is obvious – A steel hatch will last a lifetime.

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