Commercial Marine Hatches, Deck Fittings and Doors

Photo Courtesy of USCG

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Baier is the first name associated with commercial marine flush deck hatches, having set the standard for the industry since 1947 when Baier was awarded its first patent for innovative design. Baier was the first flush deck marine hatch manufacturer to receive American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and US Coast Guard certification. Today, Baier Flush Deck hatches are employed on all types of fishing boats, tugs, barges, rescue boats, and other marine vessels in both military and private sectors. 

            Flush Hatch Styles:         Lift-Out  /  Hinged

Classic Hex-Bolt

Baier Hex Style Oval Hatch

Classic Hex Video

T-handle Strongback
Biaer T-handle strongback hatch

T-handle Video

Quick Acting 4 Dog

Baier Quick Acting 4 dog T-handle Hatch.
Quick Acting Video

Low Profile QA

Baier Low Profile Hatch
Hex Quick Acting Hatch
Low Profile Video

 Click Here For a Product Feature Comparison of the different styles of Baier hatches


• STRONG No other flush-deck closure system is as rugged. Stronger is better. 

SIMPLE – Elegant design ensures many trouble-free years of operation.  Simplicity equals safety at sea.

• WATERTIGHT – More reliably watertight than any other flush hatch on the market.

Designed for the most demanding environments!

Crab In HoldSalmon On DeckCoaming Hatch on Wood deck

Low Profile Hatch Safety Update - Click Here

    • SAME DAY SHIPMENT – Baier stocks a complete inventory of models and parts. 
    • WARRANTY – against breakage or malfunction for 5 years, against manufacturing defect for life. 
     All these features add up to quality!

Coaming Hatch on deckOpen Hatch Over Fish HoldAnchor Chain Locker

Baier quick opening, positive locking hatches are available in round, oval, square shapes and available as lift-out and hinged styles.  Raised Coamings are available for many of our hatches.
Baier is the only hatch available in steel (versus Iron).  Steel is more durable than iron.  Steel hatches have up to 300% greater impact resistance, energy absorbtion, and ductility over iron hatches, especially at low temperatures.

 Download our Complete Catalog and Technical documents at our Document Library.


We also carry a complete line of Universal Marine Deck hardware including Watertight Doors, Multi-Dog Hatches and Manholes for use in marine applications.  We are able to competitively bid large jobs and offer a more complete line of ship building products. 

 Universal Steel Hatches

Door, Dog or Quick acting types

 Dog Hadle Access Hatches

Universal Steel Hatches

Universal Doors

Universal Multi-Dog Hatches

Multi-Bolt Manholes