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Watertight Hatch | Low Profile, QuickActing | Oval 15″ X 24″ | Aluminum

Watertight Hatch | Low Profile, QuickActing | Oval 15″ X 24″ | Aluminum

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    • The low-profile unit on right is only 2.62 inches high, top to bottom!
    • 4-dog, center cam actuation. Clamping pressure across 4 points of contact.
    • Center cam, when not engaged, pops up as visual indicator that hatch is not secured. When engaged, cam unit is completely flush – no snags.
    • Each Baier Low Profile hatch assembly also includes an optional Drive Adapter puck which converts the hexagonal drive so hatch can be operated with any standard half inch (12.7mm) socket drive.
    • Built-in underside escape handle.
    • Drop-in replacement for standard 15” x 24” deck rings
    • Cast from high-grade corrosion-resistant 356 aluminum alloy (ASTM B26)
    • Secured hatch opens with standard 1 3/4” hex marine t-handle tool Adapter for standard 1/2” socket wrench included
    • Maximum durability, stronger deck strength and impact resistance

This hatch is ABS Certified for use on ABS classed vessels or facilities by the American Bureau of shipping on ABS Certificate Number: 08-HS404092-3-PDA.
The Hybrid hatch – Combining the best of the traditional Baier hatch with the best of the quick acting hatch
Key Features
Currently, the 4-dog BFHLP series hatch cover assemblies are available only in cast aluminum. However, the deck rings for the BFHLP are the same size as the Strongback models, and are available in galvanized mild steel or cast aluminum. Stainless Steel deck rings are available by special order.
Baier low profile hatches are designed for applications where inside clearance is limited. Built strong for the extreme rugged requirements of the commercial and fast utility craft worldwide.
Optional spoked or un-spoked handwheels are available. Request the handwheel option from a Baier sales representative or Baier distributor at the time of purchase.

Are you Looking for a coaming to go with this hatch? Please visit our Coamings Section for more information.

Cover Material: cast aluminum only
Ring Material: cast aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

BFHLP15X24A/A with Cast Aluminum Deck Ring

BFHLP15X24A/A with Visual Verified Pop-Up Cam
Model Number Material – Hatch / Deck Ring Autocad PDF/DXF/XML Clear Opening In. (mm) Cover Size Cutout Dimension in. (mm) Weight (Cover) Weight (Deck Ring)
BFHLP15X24A Aluminum Cover Only BFHLP15X24A-A NA 17 x 26
BFHLP15X24A/A Aluminum / Aluminum BFHLP15X24A-A 15 x 24 17 x 26 18.5″ X 27.5″ – 2X R9.25″
BFHLP15X24A/S Aluminum / Steel BFHLP15X24A-S 15 x 24 17 x 26 27″ X 18″ – 2X R9″
BFHLP15X24A/SS Aluminum / Stainless Steel 15 x 24 17 x 26