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Flush Deck Hatch | Hex CenterBolt | Round 16″ | Aluminum, Steel

Flush Deck Hatch | Hex CenterBolt | Round 16″ | Aluminum, Steel


    • Cast Hatch Cover
    • Cast Strongback
    • Stainless Steel Hex Centerbolt and hardware Neoprene Cover Gasket and Washers (Buna-N optional)
    • Cast / fabricated matching Deck Ring
    • Every unit shipped with an underside escape turning bar for safety (turning wheel optional)
    • Detachable Hex wrench used for quick operation, can be stored separately for security

This hatch is ABS Certified for use on ABS classed vessels or facilities by the American Bureau of shipping on ABS Certificate Number: 16-HS1547190-PDA.
The ultimate in strength and simplicity, Baier’s original patented strongback system has only two moving parts to secure the hatch cover to the deck. It is superior to other more complicated hatch closure systems in that it is simpler, stronger, more reliably watertight, infinitely adjustable from topside, and more easily serviced (parts are readily available and replaced in the field). Importantly, the recessed hex centerbolt and grab handles offer no snags for nets, lines or hardware.
Key Features
The Classic Model BFH hatch product line is available in both cast aluminum and cast steel. Baier is the only company to offer steel hatch covers which is stronger, more durable, and more impact resistant when compared to iron hatches, especially in cold climates. All of our Steel Cover assemblies and deck rings are hot dip galvanized for superior corrosion resistance. The deck ring is available in galvanized mild steel (for welding into steel decks), or cast aluminum (for welding into aluminum decks or bolting to fiberglass or wood decks). Cast stainless steel hatches and fabricated stainless deck rings are available by special order.
It has long been standard equipment on fish boats, tugs, barges, workboats, and other marine vessels, as well as many U.S. Navy and U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard vessels.
Optional spoked or un-spoked handwheels are available. Request the handwheel option from a Baier sales representative or Baier distributor at the time of purchase.

Are you Looking for a coaming to go with this hatch? Please visit our Coamings Section for more information.

Cover Material: cast aluminum or galvanized steel
Ring Material: cast aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel

BFHR16A/S with Cast Aluminum Deck Ring

BFHR16A/S with Galvanized Steel Deck Ring
Model Number Material – Hatch / Deck Ring Autocad PDF/DXF/XML Clear Opening In. (mm) Cover Size Cutout Dimension in. (mm) Weight (Cover) Weight (Deck Ring)
BFHR16A Aluminum Cover Only BFHR16A 16 18 NA 22
BFHR16A/A Aluminum / Aluminum BFHR16A-A 16 18 19.5” Ø 22 8
BFHR16A/S Aluminum / Steel BFHR16A-S 16 18 19” Ø 22 9
BFHR16A/SS Aluminum / Stainless Steel BFHR16A-SS 16 18 19” Ø 22 10
BFHR16S Steel Cover Only BFHR16S 16 18 NA 56
BFHR16S/S Steel / Steel BFHR16S-S 16 18 19″ Ø 56 9
BFHR16S/SS Steel / Stainless Steel BFHR16S-SS 16 18 19″ Ø 56 10