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Multi-Dog Combo Hatch: Oval – 4 Dog w/ Ullage

Multi-Dog Combo Hatch: Oval – 4 Dog w/ Ullage

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    • Low cost – high strength cast steel construction
    • Cast Steel and Stainless Steel Dog handles (grease zerks optional)
    • Bronze tumble bolts for corrosion resistance and trouble free operation
    • Bolts and nuts made from dissimilar metals to prevent galling and corrosion
Multi-Dog Raised hatches are a strong and secure working enclosure system. The added Ullage hatch is likewise a strong and secure method of enclosing a tank compartment while still providing easy single-bolt operation for inspection or measuring of cargo.
Feature Description
Tumble Bolt – Bronze
Dog Handle – Steel
Ullage Arm – Steel
Bolt 5/8-11 – Zinc Plated Steel
Nut 5-8-11 – Stainless Steel
Washer – Stainless Steel
Gasket – Nitrile Rubber
Steel (ASTM A36)
Painted Primer Grey

UMC-464-5 Steel Hatch 4-Dog with 8” Ullage Inspection
Model Number Description Part Number Clear Opening In. (mm) Cutout Dimension in. (mm) Autocad PDF/DXF/XML
UMC-464-5 / 144 Raised 4 Dog 18×24 Watertight Hatch +
8″ Ullage & Hasp
03800-130J 18″ x 24″
(457 x 609)
Ullage: 7″ (178)