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Hatch, Single Bolt Style | Round 20" & 22" | Steel

Baier Marine

Single Bolt Style Round 20" & 22" Steel Hatch.
This industry standard steel enclosure is also based on the proven strongback style hatch and is operated by a single 7/8” Stainless steel bolt.  The simple design provides a secured hatch and flush deck profile.

  • Made from high strength 3/8” steel for better impact resistance
  • 1-5/16” wrench required for single bolt secure engagement
  • Stainless steel bolt and steel strongback provide dissimilar metals to prevent galling and ensure trouble free operation
  • Nitrile rubber gaskets ensure Water tight design
  • Stainless steel chain ensures covers stay attached and never get lost

Material: Steel (ASTM A36)
Finish: Painted Primer Gray
Bolt 7/8-9 - Stainless Steel
Chain - Stainless Steel
Hinge Pin - Stainless Steel
Cotter Pin - Stainless Steel
Washer - Brass
Bolt Gasket - Nitrile Rubber

When Ordering Please Specify:        
            Clear Opening Diameter - 18" / 20"

Hatch Model

Clear Opening

Overall Dimensions

Technical Drawing


17.75" Ø

20" Ø



19.75" Ø

22" Ø


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