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Flush Deck Hatch | Hex CenterBolt | Round 16" | Aluminum, Steel

Baier Marine

 16" Round Flush Deck Hatch - Hex Centerbolt Style.  
16" (Clear Opening)

The popular “Classic” Baier Flush Deck Hatch ™ is the flush-mounted, quick release, lift-out hatch with grab handles as shown.  It has long been standard equipment on fishing boats, tugs, barges, workboats, and other marine vessels, as well as many U.S. Navy and U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard vessels.

Hatch Model

Clear Opening

Cover Diameter

Technical Drawing


16" (356mm)

18" (406mm)


Other Round Hex Centerbolt Hatches Available


14" (406mm)

16" (457mm)



18" (457mm)

20" (508mm)



20" (508mm)

22" (559mm)



24" (610mm)

26" (660mm)


 When Ordering Please Specify:        
            Cover Material  -
Cast Aluminum, Cast Steel
            Ring Material -
Cast Aluminum, Galvanized Steel  

Are you Looking for a Coaming to go with this flush deck hatch?  Please Visit our Coaming Section.

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PhotoSKU Cover Material / Deck Ring Material1+Quantity
 Price Each 
BFHR16A Cast Aluminum / None$435.00Add To Cart
BFHR16A/A Cast Aluminum / Cast Aluminum$598.00Add To Cart
BFHR16A/S Cast Aluminum / Steel (Galvanized)$598.00Add To Cart
BFHR16A/SS Cast Aluminum / Stainless Steel$648.00Add To Cart
BFHR16S Cast Steel / None$465.00Add To Cart
BFHR16S/S Cast Steel / Steel (Galvanized)$628.00Add To Cart
BFHR16S/SS Cast Steel / Stainless Steel$698.00Add To Cart