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Hatches By Function

Baier offers hatched with the following design features:

Coaming Hatches: Raised Coamings are available in various heights on any of our three lines of of Baier Premium flush watertight hatches as well as many of our universal Steel hatches.  Coaming are available for both lift out and hinged hatch model. All coamings are fabricated from mild steel, and are welded to a galvanized steel deck ring.  They come finished primed and painted to avoid corrosion.

Lift-Out hatches: Our most common type of Baier Premium flush hatch are our Lift-Out type.  These hatches lids can be removed and stowed while working on deck.

Hinged Hatches: Baier offers many of there most popular workboat hatches in a hinged configuration. 

Baier hatches can also be used as a Marine hatch for lazarette access, bulkhead access and compartment access